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Confession: I am a yarn hoarder.

I guess, as a knitter, it’s not that much of a confession, but I recently went through my stash and found many half-finished sweaters, frogged yarn with no project, and skeins that probably have not been touched since I purchased them. Sadly, my stash is no closer to organization than when it started. The worst part is I only have a sweaters worth of yarn in one yarn.

Back in 2013, I had dreams of making a sweater, so I purchased eight skeins of Fancy Tiger Craft’s Heirloom Romney in Elderberry, a deep grey/purple. I found the color so unique and the yarn so rustic and comfy. Below is the back of the sweater I even started! My big sweater plans never quite took off so the beautiful Elderberry Romney has resting deep in my stash.

Like the Heirloom Romney, I immediately fell in love with the relaxed fit and beautiful brioche lace rib in the Docklight sweater from BT Fall 14. It looks completely different from anything in my wardrobe and looks so cuddly as the weather gets colder in Philadelphia.

(© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood)

Since I don’t have the yarn for Riddari rather than my originally planned Strokkur, I decided to start with the Docklight for my 2015 sweater queue. I knit up a swatch a few months ago and got gauge for the body with a Addi Turbo US 6 (because sometimes brand matters.)

I am about 30% done with this sweater now. I got a little caught up in projects outside of knitting, but in the past few weeks I’ve been trying my hardest to get this sweater off the needles!


Part of my 2015 Sweater Project is coming clean about sizing. It isn’t that I am embarrassed of my size, but if I am being honest, the reason I have never worn a finished sweater or abandon sweaters half way through is because of sizing. I’ve never been shy about the number on my clothes– at my smallest I was a size 12 thanks to my bustiness– so It’s never really bothered me. I know all body shapes are different. However, it seems most knitting patterns fit a very different body type. A very specific body type. A body type that is the opposite of a mine.

I’m a short lady, I have small shoulders, and no hips but I have a large bust– about 47 inches of bust. I constantly look at sweaters and think, “Will this make me look bigger?” It doesn’t help that the popular patterns usually don’t have bust shaping– for even over a size B cup and are featured on models who might not have the same curvy/lumpy problems I, and most other women, have.

So, I’m going to just knit. And take the leap and represent for my busty sisters out there.

Let’s do this!