Part of my 2015 Sweater Project is coming clean about sizing. It isn’t that I am embarrassed of my size, but if I am being honest, the reason I have never worn a finished sweater or abandon sweaters half way through is because of sizing. I’ve never been shy about the number on my clothes– at my smallest I was a size 12 thanks to my bustiness– so It’s never really bothered me. I know all body shapes are different. However, it seems most knitting patterns fit a very different body type. A very specific body type. A body type that is the opposite of a mine.

I’m a short lady, I have small shoulders, and no hips but I have a large bust– about 47 inches of bust. I constantly look at sweaters and think, “Will this make me look bigger?” It doesn’t help that the popular patterns usually don’t have bust shaping– for even over a size B cup and are featured on models who might not have the same curvy/lumpy problems I, and most other women, have.

So, I’m going to just knit. And take the leap and represent for my busty sisters out there.

Let’s do this!