I’m still in the process of setting up my apartment, but I thought I’d share something I made this weekend in an effort to not let blogging fall between the cracks anymore.

I’m the kind of girl who always needs to be able to have a quick change. Whether it’s a date, black tie, or work function. I need to be able to run to my closet and grab what I need with no trouble– even when I get a call to meet a friend at the local comic con. If you must know, I grabbed my hulk shirt, green jeans, and put jean shorts over them. Instant costume? Yup.

The costume change– maybe that’s why I love super heros which of course extends to the Incredible Hulk. A scientist with an anger issue, that means he’s a smart guy with a bad boy streak-what isn’t appealing about that? Amirite, ladies? However, when I started reading comics in high school and I discovered there was a She Hulk character (Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jessica Walters), I immediately found it one of the funniest things ever. I don’t know why and I still can’t explain why, but the idea of a She Hulk is hilarious to me. 

Ridiculous, but she works that outfit fiercely!

So who knows why when I saw the McCall’s M6599 I immediately thought, I want to make a vintage-inspired She Hulk dress. It’s probably because I’m insane.

I think it’s a good pattern to have anyway, so I decided why not have a little fun with the muslin for a future dress and make the muslin possibly wearable? She Hulk Dress.

It’s totally see through so I’ll eventually line it, but I really do enjoy the bodice.