Sweet AnneMarie Bag8

A few weeks ago I made myself a shirt out of linen (McCalls M3588) which had questionable poofiness. When all was said and done I looked like my baby was due any day. I tried a few ways to save the shirt, but in the end I liked the fabric so much, I thought a purse would be more appropriate.  This is the third bag I’ve made from Bags– The Modern Classsics, which I highly recommend.

I got my new machine (Singer Fashion Mate 7256 on sale for $120!?) on Tuesday and I anxiously waited until last night to try it out for the first time.

So I love the pattern, but I already know I’m going to be taking this apart and redoing part of it.

First: The Strap.

Sweet AnneMarie Bag

I was fooling around with the pretty stitches on my machine and I really like this one. Cute, but I really want a leather strap for this.

Second: I’m an idiot. I totally put in the magnetic snap in wrong on the front. (Not pictured.) and sewed it all together so hastily, when I add a nice leather strap, they’ll all be fixed.

Otherwise I totally love it.

Sweet AnneMarie Bag